The Dressage & Horsemanship Journal

Hi there,  this is Ellen Eckstein,

I want to welcome you to my Dressage and Horsemanship blog.   I plan for this page to be a safe and lively forum  for applying horsemanship methods and principles  to dressage, jumping, working equitation, trail riding; and any other discipline that I may have failed to mention.  

I will be regularly posting short articles, photos, and questions that I hope will provoke stimulating and creative discourse,  and possibly even help you to solve training and riding puzzles on your own.  I enjoy philosophical discussions and  welcome any and all opinions. I hope not only to educate, but to learn as well.  —  Ellen

  • Horse Meet Pressure

    What do you mean when you say, let the horse meet his own pressure? Why is that important? How do I make sure that when my horse gives (softens, carries himself), that I am releasing pressure at the right time? Great questions! Our horses are learning through pressure and release. How and when we soften … Read more

  • The Door Cracks Open / My first encounter with Tom

    This was a lesson for me in understanding how vital it is to be ready to learn something. I have a tendency not to hear or see something unless I am ready for it. “Tom actually rode my horses. First of all, he helped me with the one that bucked me off. To me it … Read more