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Partners In Our Training Program

Keeping a horse happy, healthy and performing his best is rarely accomplished with good training and riding alone. It often takes the proverbial “village”. So to insure that the horses and riders in our program are always at their best, we partner with several others who we feel are invaluable:

Templeton Veterinary Clinic
Dave Eckstein DVM
(our in house vet)

Pamella Lovell, D C
P: 805.434.2078

Custom Saddlery


We are often asked to suggest trainers in other vicinities and here are our highly recommended choices:

Katey Augsburger Katz
Katey  was Ellen’s assistant for 14 years. During that time she had the opportunity to work with young and problem horses while bringing those and others up to the FEI levels. Katey now has a lovely facility  and successful training business.  

She is particularly good with horses who need a sensitive, feeling  rider,  and those who have developed difficulties due to adverse training situations. Katey is currently competing  at Intermediate 1.  She also coaches/teaches  numerous riders at home and at shows throughout California. 

4 Corners Dressage
Paso Robles, CA
P: 805-423-4966

Jessica Kent
With a background in horsemanship, jumpers and dressage, Jessica specializes in developing young sport horses with a focus on producing a confident horse with solid basic training; thus  enabling the horse to be successful  in any discipline.   Jessica is very gifted and  extremely patient.   she continues to  spend as much time as she can with Ellen, Dave Hillman and the great Gene Armstrong 

Carmel Valley, CA

Dave Hillman
Colt starting and horse/rider problems
Dave is an outstanding horseman with rare insight into the psyche of the horse. His approach is creative and kind.  He doesn’t skip a step when starting young horses  or retraining those who need help with behavioral issues.